Saturday, January 1, 2011

Change – for the New Year

Change is hard for most people. The frightening thing about change is that it comes whether we want it or not. We all experience it – sometimes in small ways, sometimes in big ways as is the manner of life. In the Bible when experiencing loss of loved ones people would tear their clothes and sit in ashes. Friends would mourn and wail with them. This part of the process was helpful because it was acknowledgment of loss as well as deep felt empathy with others. Throughout history there has always been a process of how to grieve depending upon the culture. In the early 1900’s people were still wearing black for a year if not longer to signify their grief. By the 1950’s we still wore black to the funeral (a must) although the grieving expectations of the griever by society in time was shortened. In the 1980’s some wore black to the funeral and now in the 21st century seldom is black worn at a funeral and the griever does not wear black to signify their pain. Many people today seem to expect a person to get over their grief soon and seem impatient if the process is delayed.

So now you are to 2011! What will be different this year? What will change? Will it be good change? Will it hurt? We definitely go through the grieving cycle when big change occurs. Moving to another city can do that. Losing your job definitely causes grief. A close friend dying will add to the grief. What does this mean to you? This could be preparing you for the future!

As for me and 2011- I am believing for good things this year – for all my promises to come to pass! I am, however, in a phase of grief. Through being laid off from my job in 2010, now moving to Washington tomorrow, I am finding everything seems new and different. Just because it is a loss, doesn’t mean I had to stay in grief. Our bodies just respond to loss physically and emotionally. It is part of the life process. God has promised to never leave us or forsake us. He sees the very smallest loss we have. He cares about everything. It is time in 2011 to believe and act on Romans 8:28 – that all things work together for our good. Know God is faithful – even when we are faithless. Claim 2011 as your year of Jubilee!

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  1. I am looking forward to a new 2011 too... I am claiming a year of Jubilee! Thanks for the amazing encouragement!